Rebuilding Insights Platforms During COVID-19

July 14, 2020 Cue Insights

Rebuilding Insights Platforms During COVID-19

We are in an era of rediscovery. Market Research prior to 2020 sits in a pre-COVID-19 socioeconomic landscape.

From the 63 market research projects we’ve worked on at Cue Insights since the pandemic started, we have learned that insights coming out of the pandemic present one of the greatest opportunities to have a competitive advantage for tactical and strategic planning. Business decision makers need fresh evidence-based insights to rebuild insights platforms for the next normal.

Here are 3 recommendations for designing market research during and after COVID-19, aimed to guide you through the uncertainty of the world today.

  1. Acknowledge the higher-level purposes to the use and value of respondents’ opinions. More than before, people want to band together and feel like they’re making a difference. Establish early on that there’s something more important than the incentive they receive for participating in research, such as connecting people to a solution offered by a new product, or helping to refine communications which will ultimately better serve the needs of a specific disease sufferer.  Conveying this higher-level purpose in survey invitations and questionnaire introductions will increase response rates and thoughtfulness in responses.
  2. Consider new segmentation variables to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the respondent. Using insights obtained prior to COVID-19 might lead you to target segments that have significantly changed or disappeared. Assessing new segmentation variables can help you improve the actionability of research by ensuring that you target groups that are still relevant, and that still exist. It can also help you avoid potential mistakes, such as targeting a group in a way that is perceived to be inappropriate.
  3. Create, measure, and calibrate new customized metrics. The shelf life of pre-COVID-19 insights will vary, but it is risky to assume that the current landscape has not changed what you previously knew. Long-standing metrics may no longer make sense or be as useful. Key metrics should be validated and aligned with updated strategies, new communication protocols, and evolving plans for execution.

As the post COVID-19 era emerges, consider these recommendations when planning your next market research initiative.  Reach out to Cue Insights to discuss how our team of smart thinkers can ensure you have contemporary insights to refresh or rebuild your insights platform.

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