February 1, 2023 Cue Insights

Harnessing Video Data For Quant Insights

It has never been easier for market research respondents to record and share their thoughts. Personal videos bring authentic, contextual, and engaging insights to life because they are coming directly from the customer’s mouth. In quant research, video data is often reserved for qualitative support, as harnessing the power of video on a quantitative scale has traditionally been costly and time-consuming.

If you are looking to get more out of videos, Cue Insights’ Quantitative Video Immersion (QVI) is a proven system of large-sample video integration and analysis for quantitative research that leverages technology to complement smart human thinking, not replace it.

QVI uses a unique, 3-pronged approach to video integration:

  1. Video verbatims that bring the research to life
  2. Traditional coding techniques applied to quantitative samples of videos
  3. Expertise in the subjective “human element” of qualitative research to transform the coding into meaningful and relevant insights that meet your study’s objectives

Click here to learn how QVI marries technology with expert human thinking.

This combination of analytics allows you to use videos for both insight discovery and validation of those insights. The result is a deeper level of qualitative insight combined with the integrity of quantitative validation.

What type of research is QVI best suited for?

  • When you need to quantify respondent feedback involving a visual component, e.g., respondents physically interacting with a product
  • When you want to quantify patterns or consistencies with how consumers react to or engage with a physical product

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QVI Benefits

  • Quantifies and validates observed data
  • Combines the power of human intuition with technological support
  • Separates the story from the noise
  • Differentiates trends from outliers
  • Integrates multiple objectives into a single study
  • Provides more accuracy than automated, tech-driven, analytic tools
  • Identifies nuances in emotions, tone of voice, verbal language, and body language
  • Uncovers hidden insights to spark new ideas or themes
  • Creates a vast video library resource for presentations and reports

Click here for a full overview of the QVI background, process, and output.

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