March 17, 2023 Cue Insights

Deliverables 2.0 for Market Research Reports

The market research industry has no shortage of new tools or tech-enhanced methodologies.  But despite the latest innovations in the methods, market research reports still look the same as they did 10 years ago (no offense, PowerPoint).

Here are 3 high-value, affordable ways to elevate your qual and quant insights and make your data shine outside of the standard PowerPoint deck.  Meet Market Research Deliverables 2.0.

1. Infographic of Key Study Metrics. Infographics mix art and science together to provide an engaging experience for communicating key insights from a research study. Whether you are sharing the results of a study with your end client, your customers, or even your internal stakeholders, insights are more effectively conveyed when they are as exciting as they are informative. A professionally designed, 1-page infographic, created with your unique research objectives in mind, can break through the clutter of charts and let data visualization tell your story in a new way.


Click here for more information on how infographics can complement reports.


2. Video Verbatims. Videos offer a refreshing alternative to a world of text, data, and graphs. Video Verbatims – respondent selfie videos answering an open ended survey question – enhance meaning in results by bringing the voice of the customer directly to upper management and key stakeholders. The videos themselves enable richer respondent feedback, as people communicate more freely in both verbal and non-verbal forms. Analysis of the tonality and sentiment of responses through facial expressions and body language engages your audience and drives home the main points you want to communicate.


Click here for more information on Video Verbatims.


3. Strategic Communication. Sometimes you need to cherry-pick a few select pieces of the overall analysis to serve a specific purpose. This could be using specific study results for your sales reps to show their customers, or data showing competitive metrics to use as support for presentations to retailers. By incorporating strategic design into purposeful communications, you can draw attention to select key insights for a specialized audience in a personalized and professional format that makes your data stand out in a new way.


Click here for more information on strategic communication output.


Our team has expertise in designing purposeful and impactful deliverables from any qual or quant market research study to elevate your insights and better support your initiatives and marketing plans. These add-on capabilities are an effective and affordable way to add depth to your research and communicate the insights to more audiences.


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